Workforce Housing 123 | Temporary Workforce Housing, Lease, and Emergency Solutions

Your Complete Turnkey Basecamp Operation Solution

Workforce Housing 123: Your Rental, Lease, and Emergency Provider

Emergency Workforce Housing Solutions

Swift and effective solutions for urgent housing needs.

Accommodations for essential personnel during crises or emergencies.

Rapid deployment of workforce housing for natural disasters, public health emergencies, etc.

Temporary Workforce Housing Rental

Flexible options for short-term accommodations.

Ideal for project-based assignments, seasonal work, or temporary deployments.

Range of housing configurations and amenities available.

Temporary Workforce Housing for Lease

Customizable lease terms for longer-term housing needs.

Options for fully furnished accommodations.

Cost-effective solution for construction projects, remote assignments, etc.

Workforce Housing for Rent

High-quality, affordable rental options.

Designed to enhance living experience and promote well-being.

Ideal for providing long-term accommodations for employees.

Comprehensive Basecamp Housing Services

1. Container Housing Conex Living Quarters
  • At Workforce Housing 123, we specialize in container housing solutions. Both offshore and onshore.
2. Facility Offerings. Our services include:
  • Shower Facilities
  • Laundry Rooms
  • Restroom Facilities
  • Locker Rooms
  • Dining Areas
  • Medical Clinics
  • Mobile Kitchens
  • Dishwashing
  • Facilities
  • Command Centers
  • Recreation
  • Facilities
  • Mobile Cell Towers
  • Potable Water
  • Supply
  • Basecamp Security
  • Remote Site
  • Ground Equipment
  • Conex Living Quarters
3. Facility Offerings. Our services include:
  • We offer complete turnkey basecamp services, including:
    • Contractor Support
    • Basecamp & Man Camp
    • Rebuild
    • Equipment Rental
Turnkey Basecamp Housing Services

Customers who benefit from Remote Turnkey Basecamp Services include:

  • Military: Armed forces often require remote basecamps for training exercises, deployments, and field operations.
  • Industrial: Industries like construction, forestry, and agriculture utilize turnkey basecamps to support workers in remote locations.
  • Emergency Services: First responders and disaster relief teams rely on these services during natural disasters, wildfires, and other emergencies.
  • Oil and Gas Companies: Remote drilling and extraction sites often need basecamps for workers involved in energy exploration.
  • Mining Operations: Mining companies establish basecamps to support their workforce in remote and rugged terrains.
  • Government Agencies: Government organizations use basecamps for various purposes, including research, border control, and temporary housing for personnel.
  • Special Events: Event organizers create temporary basecamps for festivals, outdoor concerts, and sporting events.
  • Environmental Research: Scientists conducting research in remote areas often require basecamps for accommodations and laboratory facilities.
  • Construction Companies: Construction projects in remote areas or with extended timelines benefit from turnkey basecamp services.
  • Exploration and Surveying Teams: Surveyors and exploration teams rely on these services for remote fieldwork.
  • Film and TV Productions: On-location shoots for movies, TV shows, and documentaries often need basecamp facilities for crew and equipment.
  • Transportation and Logistics: Companies involved in transportation and logistics set up basecamps for their workforce during long-haul operations.
  • Humanitarian Organizations: NGOs and humanitarian groups establish basecamps in disaster-stricken regions for relief efforts.
  • Telecommunications: Telecom companies use remote basecamps for deploying and maintaining communication infrastructure.
  • Research Expeditions: Scientific research expeditions in remote areas require basecamps for accommodation and research facilities.